Finding the Right Surrogate Mother

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It’s heartbreaking to learn that you can’t carry a child the natural way, but there’s no reason why you can’t still have the family of your partner’s and your dreams. If you’re looking into finding the right surrogate mother, you may need a bit more information on the entire process of finding a surrogate, and determining if this is truly the best option for you.

The following article may help people find the information they need to make informed decisions about starting a family using a surrogate mother.

What is a Surrogate Mother?

A surrogate mother is a woman who carries and delivers a baby when the intended parents cannot do so themselves. There are two types of surrogate mothers.

The first is the traditional surrogate. This is when a woman is artificially inseminated with either the father’s sperm or a donor’s, but the woman is the biological mother.

The second type of surrogate mother is called a gestational surrogate. This is when eggs from the intended mother become fertilized by sperm from the intended father through a process called in vitro fertilization (IVF). The woman who gives birth to the baby is called the birth mother, but the woman whose eggs doctors fertilized is the biological mother.

Gestational surrogacy offers a great option for intended parents. Doctors deliver about 750 babies in the United States each year through the gestational surrogacy process.

Why Would You Want to Find a Surrogate?

Many reasons exist as to why intended parents must find a surrogate to have a family.

  • It could be that the intended mother’s uterus cannot support a fetus for medical reasons.
  • Sometimes, a woman’s uterus must be removed, also for medical reasons.
  • It’s possible that pregnancy is dangerous for the woman because of other health reasons.
  • Perhaps you aren’t even sure why you cannot get pregnant, but you don’t want to wait for a family any longer.
  • Maybe you even tried in vitro fertilization yourself, but still couldn’t get pregnant.   

No matter the reason why you’ve opted for surrogacy to create your family, you must find the right surrogate mother for you.

Surrogacy Centers

You can find a surrogate yourself through friends or family members. However, these situations don’t always work the way they should. Most people use a surrogacy center to assist them in contacting and arranging a surrogate mother.

The surrogacy center arranges everything, including a contract between the intended parents and the birth mother. The contract contains details about prenatal care, and states that the birth mother must give up the child to the biological parents after the baby is born.

If you have further questions about surrogacy, you can ask them when you find a surrogacy center. There is help for intended parents when they reach out to a surrogacy center nearby.