Legal Problems That Can Slow Down Your Divorce

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Marriage isn’t always bells and happy smiles. Unfortunately, you might now be thinking about a divorce, and you want it over as soon as possible. It’s a stressful, emotional time, and you don’t want to dwell in that. Instead, you want to get on with your fresh start.

Unfortunately, a wrong move can leave you with some legal difficulties. That means more time involved in the divorce process, which is draining on your emotions and your bank account. You need a quick and easy split, which can be tough if you’re not paying attention to the legal aspects of your divorce.

If you’re seeking a divorce, don’t let these legal problems slow you down. Instead, fight back and get your divorce settled fairly.

Child Custody

One of your main thoughts will likely be on the children and their situation. Unfortunately, it’s common for spouses to fight over who gets the children, especially when both parents have the time and money to take care of the child. Even when they aren’t, however, visitation rights can be difficult to decide.

If your spouse decides to challenge your ability to care for your children, it can get messy. You’ll need someone on your side, like the family lawyers at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, to protect your custody rights. Unfortunately, fighting back for your rights to your family can drag your case out.

If possible, you’ll need to come to an agreement between the two of you before your case heads to trial. That way, you don’t have to fight your former spouse to get the custody rights you deserve.

Splitting the Finances

When you file for divorce, you’ll likely need to settle where your money goes, too. In most cases, that means a fair and even split of your shared assets and funds. Unfortunately, your partner might not think that’s so fair.

That means you may have a fight on your hands. Your former spouse may try to argue that they should receive a larger portion of the funds. They may claim you hurt them, or they may argue that they have less of an education or career as you do.

You don’t want to be left without the funds you need to recover, however. A divorce is already pricy, so you’ll need to defend yourself and protect your assets if your spouse tries to fight back.

Making Your Divorce Process Smooth

It’s an unfortunate truth, but divorces are often messy. It’s an emotional time for all involved, and that can get ugly if not handled properly. Fortunately, a lawyer can help you recover. A divorce is always tough, but it doesn’t have to be a long process.

Whether you and your spouse simply need a mediator, or if you must fight for the assets and custody you deserve, a family lawyer can help. They’ll have the skills needed to make your divorce as easy as possible.

Whether you and your former spouse are parting amicably or angrily, get the help you need to protect yourself. A family attorney on your side can ensure you get treated fairly and that your case is handled as soon as possible.